Easter on Mount Athos

Easter on Mount Athos is celebrated with great devoutness. Believers visiting Mount Athos at Easter experience special feelings, away from social life and fireworks. They experience overnight mass that rouses the souls of the faithful.
The Mass of Resurrection begins around 2 after midnight and finish by dawn. During the Mass the bells of monasteries sound joyful. After the Mass, monks and believers sit for the Easter table consisting of soup and fish. Around 12 at noon the Vespers of Love “Agape” is celebrated with the bells ringing incessantly.
The Easter festivities culminate on Monday with the procession of the miraculous Icon of Axion Esti in Karyes. After the Divine Liturgy at the Church of Protaton, begins the procession of the Icon, followed by large Crosses, the leadership of Haghioritic state, monks and hundreds of pilgrims. The procession lasts around 5 hours with the bells keep ringing joyously.

Easter at Osiou Grigoriou Monastery, Mount Athos (1m video)

Easter on Mount Athos

Easter at Simonopetra Monastery, Mount Athos (1h video)

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