Panagia Evangelistria – Cyclades, Tinos

The pilgrimage to Panagia of Tinos is probably the largest religious pilgrimage of Hellenism. The island is completely associated with the Virgin Mary, and thousands of believers flock to the island every year to venerate the miraculous image of Mary in the Church of the Blessed Virgin and to say their vows. The image of believers kneeling or climbing the stairs up to the icon is the most characteristic.
The procession of the epitaph of the Virgin Mary is similar to the procession of the Epitaph of Christ on Good Friday, with thousands of believers to follow with lighted candles. The festival lasts until August 23 and, along with celebrations for the Virgin Mary, the island celebrates the anniversary of the sinking of the battleship Elli by Italians which took place shortly before the war with Italy, in mid-August 1940.
Panagia Evangelistria - Cyclades, Tinos
Panagia Evangelistria Location

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