Pilgrimage Tours

For travelers seeking the sacred paths of the Saints, pilgrimage tours are a journey with a purpose. Entering the role of a “pilgrim”, the traveler has the opportunity to visit places of special religious importance where miraculous images and relics radiate faith and rapture.

The transition from the “human” to the “Divine” is an unsolicited act that springs from every Christian who visits the holy places where the Christian faith flourished and was cultivated. Consequently, the necessary supplies of every traveler and pilgrim are emotional closeness with fellow human beings, brotherhood, transcendence of everyday life and mental well-being in order to fully benefit from the religious exaltation that he is about to experience from within.

Starting from sacred parts of Greece such as Crete, Epirus and Macedonia, OramaTravel’s pilgrimage tours will take you to distant Japan for an unforgettable spiritual journey.

Pilgrimage Tours in Greece