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3 Days Pilgrimage Tour to South Peloponnese


Sparta the city-legend, the second major pole of ancient Greece

Today Sparta is built southerly from the center of the ancient homonym city, near the right bank of the River Evrotas. The plain that stretches around is green by olives, oranges, lemons, mulberries and other trees. In the southwest rises the famous mountain Taygetos, with towering peaks and wild beauty. To the east of town is the mountain range of Parnonas that is full of firs and other trees.

  • Athens, Megalopoli, KalamataDay 1
  • Kalamata, Pylos, Methoni, Koroni, KalamataDay 2
  • Kalamata, Mystras, Sparta, AthensDay 3

Athens – Megalopoli – Kalamata

Gathering and departure to Kalamata through Megalopolis. Arrival at Messinian capital. Visiting to the church of Transfiguration, built in 1859. The image of the Virgin Mary that is located in the church is considered a work of Evangelist Loukas. The castle, the church of the Holy Apostles, built by Andronicus Paleologos in 1317 (now ruined by the earthquake of 1986), the archaeological museum and convent of Kalograion known silk industry center are some of the sights of the picturesque city. Optional tour to the church of Transfiguration to watch the Fourth Rejoicings. Transfer to the hotel later. Dinner. Overnight.



Kalamata – Pylos – Methoni – Koroni – Kalamata

After breakfast depart for the scenic Pylos. Built amphitheatrically on the coast of the Bay of Navarino where was the famous battle on October 20, 1827, between the Turks and the fleet of the allies, so the name of the central square is Three Admirals. We will visit the castle in which there is the museum of underwater antiquities. Next stop is Methoni with the Venetian castle to gazes to the sea built by the Venetians in the late 13th century. Characteristic of the city is the Bourtzi fortress that was built by the Turks in 1500 as a prison and place of executions.

We continue to the picturesque Koroni that is built on the site of the ancient city Assini. Rich and commercial city in the Middle Ages, cause the attention of pirates and many others. In 1206 occupied by the Venetians and fortified considerably. Historical information indicates Koroni that time as a very rich town with a prestigious oil exports and production of craft products, such as metals, paints and siege machines. The progress of Koroni was so great that with Methoni send in the 13th century in Venice from the surplus profits of 2000 ounces of gold a year. Back in Kalamata. Dinner at the hotel. Overnight.


Kalamata – Mystras – Sparta – Athens

Breakfast and departure to visit the Byzantine Mystras. In 1249 William Villehardouin builds an impregnable fortress to establish residents of Taygetos. In 1259 Michael Palaeologus becomes owner of Mystras. In 1262 begins a historical period that lasts two centuries. Grows in populous town with great artistic, elegant churches, with elegant mansions, palaces, monastery walls, etc.. In 1460 surrendered to the Turks and in 1825 sacked by the Egyptians and abandoned.


We will have the opportunity to admire unique examples of Byzantine architecture and a set of outstanding frescos. Many Byzantine churches with the greatest of all Pantanassa and the St. Dimitrios church. We will stop in Sparta which is built on the ruins of the famous ancient city. Along with Athens they were for centuries the two great poles that around them moved the life of the ancient Greeks. Rich in history, the city shows us the great past at the remarkable archaeological museum. Departure for Athens where we arrive late afternoon. End of the tour.

  • Transport in a luxury air-conditioned bus
  • Two (2) nights in a selected hotel
  • Breakfast daily (2 breakfasts)
  • Tours – excursions as mentioned in the program
  • Captain / Escort
  • VAT
  • Liability insurance

Not Included
  • Entrances to visiting sites
  • Meals, gratuities
  • Everything mentioned in the program as proposed or optional and not mentioned in the included of the excursion

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