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6 Days Pilgrimage Tour to Epirus


Epirus… amazing alternations of landscapes

In the northwestern part of Greece Epirus stretches from the Ionian Sea to the border of Macedonia and Thessaly. The towering peaks with the verdant forests or the wild majestic landscapes that mingle with the beautiful Ionian coast or with rivers crystal waters create fairy images and cause the admiration of every traveler.

  • Athens, IoanninaDay 1
  • Zagorochoria, Vitsa, Monodendri, Tsepelovo, KipoiDay 2
  • Ioannina, Konitsa, Molyvdoskepastos, KastoriaDay 3
  • Ioannina, Perama, NisiDay 4
  • Ioannina, Metsovo, KalampakaDay 5
  • Meteora, Lake PlastiraDay 6

Athens – Ioannina

Departure from Athens to Rio and via the new bridge pass to Antirrio. Stop for lunch at Missolonghi / Amfilochia. Then in Bizani will visit the museum of P. Vrellis. The whole history of Greece in front of our eyes through waxwork. Arrival in Ioannina. Settle in the hotel. Overnight.
Pavlos Vrellis Museum

Zagorochoria – Vitsa – Monodendri – Tsepelovo – Kipoi

Breakfast and departure for the mountains of North Pindos, wooded with streams and rivers, we pass from Smolikas, Tymphi, Mount Gamila, Astraka and arrive in Zagorochoria. The characteristic of the area is the architecture of houses, bridges and fountains made of gray slate from the mountains of the region. Visiting to the village of Monodendri. Pilgrimage to the Holy Monastery of Agia Paraskevi on the edge of the gorge of Vikos.
We continue to Tsepelovo, with its stone houses and the church of St. Nicholas. Stay for lunch. Try the local meat and the famous pies of the area. We continue to Kipoi where we can photograph the arch stone bridge at the entrance of the village and the Kalogeriko, the most photographed three-arched bridge, Epirus benchmark. Optional visit to the museum of Agapios Tolis at the exit of the village with over 40,000 exhibits from the rural life of Epirus. Back at the hotel. Overnight.

Ioannina – Konitsa – Molyvdoskepastos – Kastoria

After breakfast departure to Doliana. Stop for coffee and pilgrimage to Molyvdoskepastos. We will pass the bridge of Mertzani located in Sarantapotamos. We arrive in the picturesque village located on the border between Greece – Albania. Pilgrimage to the monastery of the Assumption, built in the 13th century, where there are excellent frescoes. In the village we can visit the Church of the Holy Apostles with frescos of the 13th, 14th and 18th century. At Konitsa will walk the cobbled streets of the intense nature of Epirotical architecture. The artisans of the region were renowned for their ability to carve the stone with such virtuosity.
Bridge of Konitsa
Near Konitsa there are many churches and monasteries, which are now abandoned. Stop for coffee. Before us the plain of Konitsa and Kleidonia where joined Sarandaporos rivers, Aoos and Voidomatis. We photograph the famous arched bridge of Konitsa located on the crystal waters of Voidomatis. We continue to Kastoria, where upon arrival we visit the lake settlement of Dispilio (individual costs). We continue with a pilgrimage to the Virgin Mavriotissa. Stay for dinner in town. Walk to the famous fur shops in the area. Back in Ioannina. Overnight.

Ioannina – Perama – Nisi

Breakfast and visit the cave of Perama, on the outskirts of the city of Ioannina. With individual costs will visit the two large halls to admire the rich decoration of stalactites and stalagmites. We continue with a city tour. We will visit the castle, the mosque of Aslan Pasha, the Folklore Museum, which contains exhibits from rich continental uniforms, silver belts, jewelry and more. Free time. By boat we will go to the islet of Lake Pamvotis (individual costs). We will visit the Monastery of St. Nicholas, built in the 13th century. Then we will visit the Monastery of Panteleimon of the 15th century, at the cells of which was murdered Ali Pasha on January 24th 1822. Stay for lunch. Try the specialties of the island, frog legs, crayfish and sweets, eels and fish pies. Savour wine of Zitsa and the famous baklava Gianniotiko. Back at the hotel. Overnight.

Ioannina – Metsovo – Kalampaka

After breakfast depart for Metsovo via Egnatia Odos, a wonderful path in the wooded heart of Pindos. Arrival in Metsovo. You will be impressed by the architecture of the stone houses, the mansions and churches of the city. Visiting the mansion of Baron Tositsa (individual costs). Pilgrimage to the metropolis of Aghia Paraskevi with marvelous wood-carved iconostasis and pulpit. Free time to visit the art gallery, which hosts works by Greek painters from the 17th century to the present, to taste the delicious meats and traditional cheeses of the region. Lunch. We continue to Kalambaka. Arrange the rooms. Overnight.

Meteora – Lake Plastira

Breakfast and visit to the giant granite rocks of Meteora, where we visit the monastery of St. Stephen and the Great Meteoro. We continue to Pertouli and Elati to stop for coffee and food. Enjoy local meats such as wild boar, deer, roe deer and local pies. Next visit to the majestic Lake Plastira, which is located on the River Tavropos. After passing by many beautiful villages like Morfovouni, Neraeda,Pezoula will reach the lake dam. Unique icons with the mountains of Agrafa be mirrored in the lake.
Koroni Monastery
Then visit to Koroni Monastery built in 1123 which is located in a green environment in southern Pindos. The monastery is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin and it is entirely hagiographic with remarkable frescoes of the Cretan school, dating back to 1587. It celebrates on September 8th. Return to Athens via Karditsa.
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